The Justice Department's Slippery Slope — Enforcement Versus Regulation

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4 Responses

  1. Subash Murray says:

    I just read an article published in this month’s Oil & Gas Financial Journal, written by learned counsel Matthew T. Reinhardt of Miller & Chevalier on the matter of “Indigenization and the FCPA”. It dmonstrates with what I said time and time again about the Culture, Habits, Behaviors and Attitudes of People who are Governed and of those Governments who govern their people.
    Learned Counsel Matthew T. Reinhardt clearly brings the matter into open over the need of definition and clarification of current FCPA rules, regulation and clarity for further guidance in the context of what learned Counsel Michael Volkov is manifesting.
    P.S. I am not a lawyer but I won my battles over my bosses in 80s and 90s on the matter of their inaction of FCPA.

  2. Paul says:

    Howard, great comment, well stated and I could not agree more. Sitting here in Houston on 2 weeks work, away from the poverty, injustice and deprivation that exist at my doorstep in Indonesia, your comments drive home the real distance between what the law is about and what we really need to focus on. The fight against social injustice, poverty, victimization, intimidation and deprivation must go on and the companies that feed this sinister activity must be stopped. I have not met a company yet that pays a bonus to an employee for doing the right thing, stopping illegal activity, instead they intimidate these people and run them off, I’ve been there twice and now on my third. An employee raises the alarm and stops a company from making a fatal move whereby fines etc could have cost 5, 10 or 100 Million yet the employee is typically out the door. I may continue just to survive and move from job to job as I uncover and stop corrupt activity, what i do know is that I have at least done my part to stop a problem much bigger than all of us want to imagine.

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