Has the Justice Department Lost Credibility?

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4 Responses

  1. litigationtech says:

    Completely agree, and just posted a similar perspective:

    It appears they've become so confident and convinced in their own case that they forget to realize that other than Nancy Grace, not everyone buys it – especially with insufficient evidence.

  2. Anonymous says:

    When someone with the authority and caliber as Mr. Volkov expresses such lack of credibility in the DOJ and specifically AG Holder's incompetency, worrisome and troublesome falls short of my concerns.

  3. Glenn Lammi says:

    Mike, what do you think of AAG Breuer's statement noted in the WSJ Law Blog last Friday that " we cannot – and I know we will not – shy away from taking hard cases, or otherwise shrink from our obligation to investigate and prosecute criminal activity without fear or favor, because of the possibility that an opportunistic defense lawyer will try and make hay out of an honest mistake”? Sound a tad defensive?

  4. LAlmonte says:

    I think they are losing all redibility when it comes to the current banking and financial crisis. You can't have the entire nation watching the news and reading major newspapers with details about criminal activity that is impacting them and no one is being held accountable. I have been fighting this fight and will continue to do so.