Five Basic Pillars of an Effective Compliance Program

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2 Responses

  1. Raymond Mansolillo says:

    Michael, Outstanding advice and thank you for sharing your expertise.I am a relatively new but avid follower of your work,blogs ,and other informative writings.I greatly appreciate your knowledge and more so your altruistic manner in educating other members of the Bar in this highly specialized area of Business law/compliance and plan to implement your experiences into my practice.Best Regards, Raymond

  2. Manuel Perez says:

    Excellent article, describing 5 critical behaviors that all organizations need to have in order to ensure compliance with all legal and ethical requirements!.
    I like the title, yet in the AntiMoneyLaundering field, the Patiot act established “4 Pillars” of Compliance (Compliance Officer, formal Compliance Program, Training and Independent Assessment), and I believe the British Bribery Act has similar requirements…

    In my humble opinion, your five behaviors are much more than “compliance” issues: they are anti-fraud and anti-incompetence measures too, specially in public organizations.

    Thank you for a great, concise article!