Are Compliance Officers Being Asked to Accomplish the Impossible?

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1 Response

  1. Steve Burden says:

    I believe a lot of businesses and government entities have someone they call the Compliance officer and if this person is any good, then he/she realizes real quick that "compliance" is a vapor.  Having primarily worked in various state departments in Alabama, I can honestly say that the various government and non-governmental agencies I have dealt with don't have a  clue. True, compliance is on paper, but most of us go through the motions and more than anything we just try to stay out of trouble.  We generally react to crisis rather than being prepared.  Certainly, if management does not fully understand the dynamics of intentionally doing the right thing for the right reason as spelled out in policies, laws and regulatons, then how can they empower a compliance officer to do what he or she knows to do.  And with reduced budgets and less training or no training at all, the plot only thickens. Generally,  I do believe management does want to do the right thing, but I don't think most of the time they know how.  Definitely, the solution to this problem lies at the feet of management and possibly an enlightened Board or CEO.  But then I don't believe in fairy tales anymore either.  So here I am, faced with an impossible mission, with a management that doesn't have a clue and skills I can't always use.

    Just a voice crying in the widerness