Corruption, Crime and Compliance

By Michael Volkov


Michael Volkov’s career has spanned 30 years as an attorney in Washington, D.C. − as a federal prosecutor, a Chief Counsel on the Senate and House Judiciary Committees, a trial attorney in the Antitrust Division and in private practice. This book will help anyone better understand anti-bribery compliance in the U.S. and beyond.

“Michael Volkov’s book is a compilation of articles on a number of subjects important to lawyers advising clients how to stay out of trouble. He is a prolific writer and I can say without question, we have not heard the last of his musings. Simply put, his book contains important information that should prove helpful to lawyers, particularly to those who practice in the white collar field.”

– Judge Stanley Sporkin, Former Director of the Division of Enforcement, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

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The Revolution in Ethics and Compliance 

By Michael Volkov

“The rise of the compliance professional is the most important development in corporate governance in this century.”

– from the forward, by Donna Boehme

The Revolution in Ethics and Compliance-smallIn this collection of recent essays and blog posts, attorney, leading compliance expert, and former federal prosecutor Michael Volkov helps corporate leaders understand how a culture of ethics andcompliance is not only the best protection against code of conduct and legal violations, but also how such a culture creates sustainable financial benefits to a company and its employees.

Volkov writes in the book’s introduction: “my hope is that my contribution can lend some weight to an already signiifcant evolution in corporate governance — the rise of the compliance professional and the dedication of corporate leaders and organizations to ethics and compliance.”

Forward by compliance strategist Donna Boehme.

Chapters include:
Embracing the Future – Ethics and Compliance
CCOs Take Note: It’s the Culture Stupid
Essential Requirements for an ‘Effective’ Ethics and Compliance Program
The Value of an Ethical Culture
Defining an Ethical Leader
Are Ethical Companies More Profitable?
among others…

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the art of internal investigation coverThe Art of the Internal Investigation

By Michael Volkov

Conducting an internal investigation in today’s risky enforcement environment requires numerous — if not continuous — judgment calls.  Stakes are high, and answers are never black-and-white. In this free eBook, Michael Volkov wields his expertise wisely in this compilation of tactics and expert advice.

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Question Everything: Effective Due Diligence and Third-Party Risk Management

By Michael Volkov

Question Everything CoverWith almost every FCPA enforcement action involving third party misconduct in one form or another, shouldn’t companies devote more resources than ever to due diligence and third-party risk management systems?

There’s no magic formula to implementing an effective system. It just takes two things: commitment and common sense. Every company knows how to do it. But not every company commits or makes the effort.

 Volkov has advised hundreds of companies over the years, and this book is a compilation of wisdom no compliance professional should ignore.

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