Curb Your Enthusiasm and Compliance Officers

Tonight is the premiere of the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm — the Eighth season.  For those who have not watched it before, Larry David, the star of the show was the creator and producer of Seinfeld.  He is hilarious and the show is extremely funny.

In season eight, the characters move to New York for some more adventures.

Larry David lives in a world in which he points out all of the ironies and even questionable actions and traditions in American society.  He does so with flair and humor.

So how does this relate to compliance?  Well, I can draw an easy analogy to the role of compliance officer.  Imagine Larry David as a compliance officer, dedicated to pointing out people’s transgressions and risky behaviors outside societal norms.  They are a natural fit — Larry in American society; the Compliance Officer in the company.

I have the most respect for the role of Compliance Officer, especially in these days of heightened enforcement.  They truly are the unsung heroes and I see the role changing quickly into one of senior management and corporate leadership. 

Every compliance officer may want to watch Larry David tonight — who knows they may learn something?

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