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Welcome New Sponsors

I would like to welcome three new sponsors to Corruption Crime & Compliance.  Each has unique capabilities in the compliance industry.

Berkeley Research Group is one of the fastest growing and dynamic new consulting firms which provides forensic accounting, forensic investigation, strategic advisory and corporate intelligence services.  BRG announced yesterday the addition of former SEC Inspector General David Kotz to its anti-corruption team.  Please check out its website here.

World Compliance is the leading open source intelligence company with a long history of supporting due diligence services in the anti-corruption and anti-money laundering area.  World Compliance maintains the most comprehensive database on corruption, state-owned enterprises, PEPs, and other relevant areas needed for compliance professionals.  Please check out its website here. 

The Kreller Group provides comprehensive investigative services which are critical in the due diligence field.   Kreller has the unique ability to provide accurate and comprehensive information from any country.  Kreller is unique in its ability to gather information and coordinate the focus of any investigation with it clients.  Please check out its website here.

Thank you again to these wonderful sponsors and I hope that readers will follow up with them on the services they can each provide.

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