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Welcome to Catelas — A New Sponsor

I wanted to welcome Catelas as a new sponsor to Corruption, Crime & Compliance.  I have known Catelas for nearly five years and have been impressed by the quality of its products, the commitment of its leadership, and the innovative approaches it has developed to assist companies in enforcement and compliance.

Catelas provides valuable software in the legal & compliance arena and is already being used by most of the top consultancies and many global corporations.  Catelas solutions cover,

3rd party Compliance & Risk oversight – remote access to your relationship network

  • Allows Compliance to better understand the risks associated with each agent / partner / acquisition BEFORE on-boarding – without getting on a plane
  • uncovers the key players, relationship history identifying conflicts of interest and other high risk behaviors

Policy Enforcement – real-time monitor for ‘bad actors’

  • rules based engine, automatically uncovers policy breaches globally & identifies the ‘bad actors’
  • uncovers leakage of confidential information, whistleblowers, fraud, anti-trust risk
  • drives behavioral changes which reduce the risk of more serious infractions

Internal Investigations – ‘quickly contain issues’

  • quickly understands which events are real BEFORE interviews or data collection
  • concludes investigations within 24 hours of data load and generates an Impact report.

Identification & Early Case Analytics – ‘avoid surprises & cut costs’

  • global identification solution, identifies who is key WITHOUT collecting any data
  • supports interview process and focuses collection, avoiding surprises downstream
  • uncovers the ‘hot documents’ within 24 hours of data load, allowing counsel to get ahead of the issues, prioritizing and significantly cutting cost of the review process.

Deployed & live within days, Catelas is a ‘People Governance’ solution that provides counsel with unprecedented visibility into how a company does business.  This allows Compliance to better quantify risk BEFORE transactions are completed and to remediate issues quickly when adverse events occur.

Learn more at www.catelas.com or join the debate amongst industry experts at the forthcoming 3rd Party Compliance & Risk Oversight webinar series.

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