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Welcome to a New Sponsor: The Network, Integrated GRC Solutions

VolkovBlog_Ad_320x280I am happy to welcome a new sponsor to Corruption, Crime & Compliance – The Network.  (You will see its sponsorship ad on the right hand side of the blog).

I am always happy to affiliate with professionals in the compliance industry.  The Network has been the leader for over 30 years by providing hotline and intake solutions   and has recently deployed a new Integrated GRC Suite SaaS solution.

The compliance industry, which has typically been fragmented, is now converging and developing integrated compliance solutions.  The Network built a platform that serves to close that gap between policy management, e-learning & corporate training, incident management, compliance surveys & risk assessments, and preventative & corrective action plans to provide power in comprehensive reporting across all services.

If you consider the Morgan Stanley bribery case, compliance programs need to establish a range of compliance program operations, including training of employees, annual certification, internal follow up or investigation of specific incidents, conducted risk assessments and monitored financial transactions.  An integrated GRC suite aims to collect, monitor and present such information with just a few clicks.

Please check out The Network’s GRC product and see for yourself.  The Network’s site is here.

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