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Donna Boehme: The Chief Compliance Officer’s Best Friend

donnaThe compliance profession is filled with optimists and unsung heroes.  Chief Compliance Officers are zealots and they believe in their mission and the righteousness of their cause.  Perhaps the most important advocate for the compliance profession has been – and will continue to be – Donna Boehme.

I have had the fortunate professional experience to collaborate with Donna, to learn from Donna and to share her passion for the compliance profession.  Donna Boehme is one of the most influential governance and compliance experts in the field today.  In many respects, she is a leading (and sometimes lone) advocate for the independent and empowered CCO.   She has made important contributions to the compliance profession and is one of the leaders in the compliance field.

Donna is a frequent contributor to compliance publications.  Her latest article, “There’s No Crying in Compliance,” is available here.  Please follow her on Twitter: @DonnaCBoehme

We all can learn from Donna and I recommend her writings to everyone!!

More importantly, today, September 5th, is Donna and her husband, Mark’s anniversary. Wish them all the best (She candidly admitted she could not recall whether it was their 26th or 27th anniversary!!).

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