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Volkov Law Firm Videos

1.  Introduction to Volkov Law — Click Here

2.  Internal Investigations — Click Here

3.  Anti-Corruption Compliance and Risks — Click Here

4.  Current Events: China Anti-Corruption Enforcement — Click Here

5.  Whistleblowers: Click Here

6.  Criminal Investigations and Prosecutions:  Click Here

Video Webinars

7.  Building an Integrated Third Party Due Diligence System Initial Screening to Audits — Click Here

8.  Creating a Compliance and Ethics Culture — Click Here 

9. How to Monitor, Audit and Improve Your Anti-Corruption Compliance Program — Click Here 

10.  Fine-Tuning Your Anti-Corruption Compliance Program — Click Here

11. FCPA Compliance Programs: A Review of Best Practices — Click Here

12.  Anti-Corruption Due Diligence Practice Steps to Protect Your Company — Click Here

13.  Antitrust Enforcement and Compliance Programs — Click Here

14.  Anti-Corruption Compliance Program Audits — Click Here

15.  Buying an FCPA Violation – Mergers and Acquisition Risks — Click Here

16. How to Build an Effective Anti-Corruption Compliance Program — Click Here

17.  How to Avoid Corruption Risks in China — Click Here

18.  FCPA Enforcement: How to Respond to a Government Investigation — Click Here

19.  The Ten Essential Steps to implement an “Effective” Anti-Corruption Compliance Program — Click Here 

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