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NAVEX Global White Paper: “A Holistic Approach to Global Anti-Corruption Compliance”

NavexI am pleased to announce my affiliation with NAVEX Global, and the issuance of a white paper – A Holistic Approach to Global Anti-Corruption Compliance, which is available here.

There is no other company (or brand) which carries as much weight in the compliance field – NAVEX Global is a true leader, committed to professional technology solutions for ethics and compliance.

NAVEX is the gold standard and my experience so far has confirmed everything you may know or hear about NAVEX Global.

I have partnered with NAVEX Global to supply periodic whitepapers, webinars and other important events that will highlight best practices and NAVEX Global’s commitment to cost-effective excellence.

My first white paper – A Holistic Approach to Global Anti-Corruption Compliance is available here.

In my first white paper, I review the eleven elements of an “effective” anti-corruption ethics and compliance program.   I have always recognized the importance of technology to ethics and compliance – in the end, the ethics and compliance industry will have to develop new products and solutions that will allow companies to leverage available resources and provide effective solution.

I am certain that NAVEX Global will play a leading role in this effort – it is an industry leader and it is committed to developing products and solutions for CCOs.

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