Volkov Law Group and The Claro Group Team Up for Internal Controls Assessments

announcementI am proud to announce that the Volkov Law Group and The Claro Group have teamed up to offer companies a new and important service — internal controls assessments.

Our proven experience in corruption investigations and compliance initiatives can help you put together the pieces

The Environment

The Justice Department and the SEC have keyed anti‐corruption investigations to reviewing a company’s internal controls. In fact, many have suggested that 2015 will be the year of Internal Controls Enforcement. This focus coincides with the transition to the new COSO Framework and Guidelines.

The Solution

The Volkov Law Group and The Claro Group bring together leaders in compliance, internal controls, forensic accounting, and legal functions to conduct a thorough assessment of the adequacy of your company’s existing internal control structure including those of foreign subsidiaries, with particular focus on corruption, theft and unauthorized use of funds.Claro-logo

We work closely with our clients to minimize company risks for corruption, bribery, theft and unauthorized use of funds. As industry leaders, we bring best practices, benchmarks and practical expertise to develop cost‐ effective solutions:

  • Assess and analyze your overall corruption risks
  • Review your existing internal control structure against the backdrop of existing COSO best practices
  • Examine roles & responsibilities of individuals supervising, managing and implementing controls
  • Inventory your organization’s preventative and detective controls
  • Test the effectiveness of critical controls
  • Identify and gaps or internal control failures
  • Design a remediation plan to enhance and improve internal controls

Contact either Michael Volkov at [email protected], (240) 505‐1992 or Jean‐Michel Ferat at [email protected], (202) 800‐7536 to discuss how we can assist your company.

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