A New “Wildy Effective” Book on Compliance from Kristy Grant-Hart

kristy2As the compliance profession grows, so to the need for valuable writing and scholarship, particularly from authors who
themselves have specific compliance experience and offer practical solutions.

Kristy Grant-Hart recently released a terrific contribution to the field – How to Be a Wildly Effective Compliance Officer. As an extra benefit, Joseph E. Murphy, a long-time leader in the compliance field, wrote the foreword to the book.

I highly recommend Kristy’s new book toe everyone. It can be ordered HERE.

Kristy’s book provides an important framework within which to achieve success as a compliance officer. Recognizing the importance of communications, persuasion and motivation, Kristy offers guidance on how approach the challenge of working as a compliance officer in a company.

She describes four primary motivators for a compliance officer to use and then apply to the job. The motivators include: Fear for Self; Fear for the Business; Noble Cause and Competitive Edge.

I was particularly impressed with Part 5 of her book that describes how to build important alliances with the business.   We all know that a compliance program is only as good as the business embraces the message. In particular, her advocacy, like mine, of avoiding becoming a “Dr No.” within the organization.

Even apart from a long-list of practical and helpful approaches to compliance solutions, Kristy provides support and help to every compliance officer on other important issues, such as professional development, realistic expectations and positive thinking.

Kristy’s book is a valuable contribution and one that compliance officers will find very relevant to their professional and personal lives. I am sure this is not the last we will hear from Kristy and we all look forward to her continuing voice of calm and persuasion as she tackles the issues everyone faces in the compliance world. Bravo Kristy!!!

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