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Watch Michael Volkov on Bureau van Dijk Webinar Addressing Third-Party Due Diligence

FullSizeRender (4)I was honored to conduct a live, video webinar last week on third party due diligence, focusing on the importance of beneficial ownership.  My co-panelists were Bill Hauserman and Ted Datta from Bureau van Dijk.

You can watch the webinar and download the slides from the webinar (here).

I have been impressed with BvD’s product offering – key tools in your third party screening process that offer difficult to find information. BvD specializes in information on private companies, detailing company hierarchies and standardized financial reports so you can compare companies across international borders. BvD’s product range includes databases of company information and business intelligence for individual countries, regions, and the world. BvD’s database product, Orbis, combines information from over 140 sources and covers over 200 million companies.

BvD sources content itself from regulatory and other sources and adds value by:

  • standardising financials and ratios
  • linking data sources
  • creating unique identifiers
  • linking directors and contacts
  • adding bespoke research
  • appending and linking corporate structures
  • integrating our information on M&A deals and rumors
  • applying data verification, cleansing and quality control

to create a comprehensive range of databases that can be blended with your own data and workflow processes.

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