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Live Webinar: How AI is Transforming Third Party Risk Management (via Live Stream)

Date: Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Time: 12–1pm ET; 5-6pm British Summer Time

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I am excited to announce that I will be joining Exiger to discuss a topic many compliance professionals are actively engaged with – automating third party due diligence – and how advancements in technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) can help your compliance program evolve. I encourage you to tune in and join me in discussing best practices and the options available to you today.

Sincerely, Mike

Guest Speaker: Michael Volkov (CEO, Volkov Law Group, LLC)

Exiger Speakers: Tara Loftus, Brendan Galla and Aaron Narva (Moderator)

The growing complexity of third party relationships and the immediate regulatory and reputational risks of those third parties has procurement teams, compliance officers and legal departments wondering what to do. When and how should they do due diligence? At what cost to efficiency and the budget? Today’s expansive risk environment requires new ideas and new solutions. The world has fundamentally changed and the expectations are different.

Join us for a 60 minute live stream discussion on how technology can play a key role in making third party risk management better, faster and more cost-effective. Hear how companies are addressing these issues in new ways—eliminating over-reliance on staff, expensive outsourced due diligence and dated technology—and embracing the next generation technology with Artificial Intelligence.

Our experienced legal, compliance and technology panelists will cover:

  • How anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) regulatory risk fits into a global regulatory landscape
  • What we mean by third party risk in a global regulatory landscape – bribery? slavery? environmental? reputational? all of the above?
  • How these factors affect a risk-based approach and segmentation
  • How to deal with the growing third party ecosystem
  • Limitations of traditional processes and yesterday’s choices
  • Next generation technology—how to use AI and Cognitive computing to identify and escalate risk so you don’t have to
  • Today’s end-to end third party risk management—how to evolve your program and build this all under one roof

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