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Update on The Volkov Law Group

The Volkov Law Group continues to offer innovative legal services focused on ethics and compliance programs, enforcement defense, and internal investigations. See Firm website here.

The Volkov Law Group team includes talented professionals: Lauren Connell, Managing Associate; Jacqui Martin (formerly Merrill), Senior Associate; Susan Simpson, Associate; Matt Stankiewicz, Associate; and Vincent Ruiz, Counsel. See Firm profiles here.

The Volkov Law Group believes that every company should have a robust ethics and compliance program. Experience and research show that ethical companies perform better in the global marketplace. At ethical companies, employees believe in the company, they feel vested and are more productive. As a result, misconduct rates are much lower and financial performance is higher. We can help YOUR Company to achieve these benefits through an effective ethics and compliance program.

We offer a full range of ethics and compliance program services:

  • Risk and compliance program assessments;
  • Anti-corruption, antitrust, sanctions, anti-money laundering and export control compliance programs;
  • Due diligence of business partners and third-party risk management;
  • Policy and procedures design and drafting;
  • Implementation of effective invoice to payment processes;
  • Testing, audit and assessment of ethics and compliance programs and specific functions;
  • Internal investigations; and
  • Ethics and compliance training programs, delivery and content.

Please contact me at [email protected] or (240) 505-1992 if you are interested in discussing possible services we can provide.

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