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Volkov Law TV — New Webinars For Low Monthly or Annual Fees

Volkov Law TV continues to offer high-quality webinars on relevant ethics and compliance topics.  Over the last several months we have added a number of new webinars.  Subscribe and check them out.  Monthly access to a webinar is $8; monthly access to the full library is $29; and yearly access to all of the webinars is $299.  Click Here to Sign Up Now.

Watch the webinars when you want — download the slides and review as you watch.

Here are the new webinars offered:

  • ISO 37001 — A Review of the Anti-Bribery Risk Management System
  • How to Conduct Effective and Efficient Due Diligence?
  • Is Your Company At-Risk for a Government Enforcement Action?
  • The Importance of a Risk and Compliance Assessment
  • Managing Supply Chain Risks
  • DOJ Compliance Program Evaluation

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