A Valuable Resource: The Fifth Edition of The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Handbook

We always hear about the dearth of law surrounding the FCPA.  As the Justice Department brings more cases against individuals who are likely to challenge the government’s theories of prosecution, we will see more caselaw develop.

In this situation, FCPA and compliance practitioners, as well as in-house and law firm attorneys can obtain the definitive guide to FCPA law, including caselaw, DOJ and SEC enforcement actions and settlement, DOJ Opinion Letters, and ethics and compliance practitioners would benefit from obtaining the recently released, The Fifth Edition of The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Handbook written by Robert W. Tarun (bio and contact here) and Peter P. Tomczak (bio and contact here).

Robert Tarun and Peter Tomczak should be congratulated for compiling and writing an authoritative FCPA Handbook.  The FCPA Handbook provides comprehensive analysis and guidance on FCPA liabilities, Justice Department and SEC practices and precedent, and practical suggestions on how to avoid and minimize liability and mitigate FCPA risks.  Robert Tarun and Peter Tomczak provide thoughtful and helpful suggestions relevant to attorneys and compliance practitioners.

The FCPA Handbook is an ABA Publication and available Here.


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