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Michael Volkov Quoted by ABC News:  Michael Avenatti casts himself as anti-Trump avenger, May 16, 2018 HERE

The inspector general of the Treasury Department is now investigating possible leaks of Suspicious Activity Reports, or SARs, from Cohen’s financial institutions.

“Suspicious activity reports are confidential. They’re not allowed to be leaked,” said Michael Volkov, a white-collar defense lawyer who spent seventeen years as a federal prosecutor in Washington, D.C.

Volkov notes that the disclosure of the records came after Avenatti had spent weeks publicly cajoling the Treasury Department to release the reports, employing the Twitter hashtag, “#ReleaseTheSARs.”

“He’s a PR show and he’s trying to serve as a focal point for people to deliver information to,” Volkov said. “He’s marketing, ‘Please bring the information on this stuff.’ And he’s good at it. Look, give the guy credit, he’s good at it. He doesn’t have an army of lawyers behind him.”

Jacqui Merrill, 90-Second Expert Advice: How Can an Assessment of Third-Party Risks Be Helpful in Risk Management?  HERE

Michael Volkov article, Wells Fargo: Corporate board lessons learned?, Ethical Boardroom, Spring 2018 — available here after free registration — HERE

For more than 150 years, Wells Fargo has been part of the US’s financial foundation.  But on 2 February 2018, the bank suffered one of its lowest moments in corporate history.

NAVEX Global Announces Strategic Partnership with Volkov Law Group: HERE

Leading ethics and compliance software and services company, NAVEX Global® today announced a strategic partnership with The Volkov Law Group – a premier boutique law firm specializing in corporate ethics and compliance programs, internal investigations, and white-collar defense – as a strategic business partner.

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