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Michael Volkov Named to Trust Across America’s 2019 Top Thought Leaders in Trust

I was honored to be named as a Top Thought Leader for 2019 by Trust Across America.

More importantly, I am privileged to share this honor with 91 global professionals from a broad spectrum of professionals involved in integrity and trust, leadership, culture, compliance and ethics, reputation and risk management, governance, communications, employee engagement, sales and customer service. 

The Announcement in TRUST Magazine’s Winter 2019 Issue is located here.

Congratulations to my colleagues and friends in the profession who were also named for the honor, and especially five well-deserving individuals who were recognized for their Lifetime Achievements.

Trust Across America is the largest global program devoted exclusively to researching and building tools to elevate organizational trust, having begun our work in 2008. In fact, since January 2013, over 1 million visitors have accessed over 3.5 million pages of material on its website. This year they are celebrating our 10th anniversary.

Each year for the past nine years, hundreds of hours are spent reviewing potential honorees, and compiling a list of global professionals who “walk their talk.”

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