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Episode 88 — Matt Stankiewicz Interview of Liquidity Digital CEO Syed Hussain

The blockchain revolution is still merely in its infancy.  Liquidity Digital seeks to continue pushing the industry forward, by digitizing securities – stocks, derivatives, real estate, and more – and placing them on the blockchain.  Liquidity Digital is building an ecosystem for the creation of new assets, introducing ways to allocate capital to traditionally underserved areas of financial markets and provide a practical application of distributed ledger technology.

In this episode, Syed Hussain, CEO of Liquidity Digital, explains to Matt Stankiewicz how his company is seeking to enhance existing financial markets through Digital Security Offerings. By digitizing existing securities, Liquidity Digital seeks to add better accessibility, transparency, and liquidity to the markets.  Syed also discusses the need for improved education in the industry as a whole, in order to better promote mass adoption.

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