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Episode 97 — Matt Stankiewicz Discusses Blockchain Domains and Trademarks with Brad Kam, Co-Founder of Unstoppable Domains

As the blockchain industry continues to grow, we’ll begin to see traditional industries shifting to the blockchain to leverage the technology. Unstoppable domains is a company working to place web domains on the blockchain. Instead of traditional extensions like .com, .net, or .io. Unstoppable Domains will utilize .zil addresses as smart contracts on the Zilliqa public blockchain. This will first provide simple, human-readable crypto wallet addresses, to help facilitate adoption and make wallet-to-wallet payments easier. After that, the company will create web-hosting tools to develop websites on the blockchain.

What’s the point of putting a domain on the blockchain? Well, thanks to the blockchain, they’re unstoppable, hence the company name. That implies a whole host of items – free speech, regulations, court orders, etc. – and Brad and I have some great discussion within this podcast. Most importantly in this regard, Unstoppable Domains is currently going through its Sunrise period and allowing trademark holders to claim their trademarks now (information here). Once on the blockchain, these trademarks are no longer obtainable.

Website: https://unstoppabledomains.com/

Twitter: @UnstoppableWeb

Email: Brad Kam

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