Episode 105 — Third-Party Risk Management: Interview of Bill Hauserman and Ted Datta, Bureau van Dijk

Listen to Episode 105 HERE.

Bill Hauserman and Ted Datta from Bureau van Dijk, a Moody’s Analytics Company, join us for an interesting discussion on third-party risk management, issues surrounding beneficial ownership, trends in the industry and the importance of validating ownership and data quality.  Bill and Ted explain their interesting perspective on third-party risk challenges, regulator expectations and a fascinating view from the global perspective.

Ted Datta
Bill Hauserman

New anti-corruption regulations and advancements in technology have put significant pressure on banks and corporations to get their compliance right. The issues we address include:

  • The complexity of ownership structures and understanding who the ultimate owner is
  • Why is it interesting to look where the power and control is and how can it be done?
  • Third-party due diligence programs and their evolution in the new regulatory environment
  • The wide array of available RegTech solutions and how to make the right choice for your organization.

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