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Episode 106 — Understanding the California Consumer Privacy Act

On January 1, 2020, companies will be facing a compliance requirement established by the California Consumer Privacy Act. In practice, California’s CCPA will create a new “national” standard.

The CCPA is designed to give consumers more information and control over their personal information. Specifically, businesses will be required to be more transparent in their handling of personal information and to provide robust disclosures to consumers about how their information is being used.

Many businesses raced to the finish line to meet GDPR requirements. Certain requirements imposed by GDPR will have applicability in the CCPA context; however, there are significant differences in scope and intent that require careful attention.

Companies that conduct business in California, collect personal information from California residents, process (or have third party process) such personal information, and meets certain revenue thresholds are subject to the CCPA.

In this Episode, Michael Volkov discusses the CCPA, outlines its requirements and describes necessary steps for compliance.

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