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Steele Webinar: Top 6 Due Diligence Best Practices Third-Party Risk Management

Steele Webinar: Top 6 Due Diligence Best Practices Third-Party Risk Management

April 16, 2020, 11 AM EST

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Faced with complex, global third-party networks, it’s more critical than ever for companies to have an effective strategy for evaluating and monitoring third-party risk. Without continuous monitoring and a strong anti-bribery anti-corruption (ABAC) program, companies can find themselves the target of multiple enforcement actions for the same violation.

Corporate compliance professionals often believe that their companies have well-designed compliance programs that effectively monitor risk and enforce ethical behavior within their organizations. But the truth is that most are struggling with the best way to expand and design third-party compliance programs that truly identify and manage risk with business partners and intermediaries.

We will be hosting a webinar on April 16th with Michael Volkov, Principal of the Volkov Group and Dennis Haist, CCO & General Counsel of Steele, to outline the Top Six Due Diligence Best Practices for Managing Third-Party Risk.

Webinar Highlights: 

  • Global Regulatory Update – fines and enforcement are increasing – how will that impact your industry?
  • Screening vs. Independent Research – how much diligence is enough?
  • Measuring your program’s effectiveness – how do you build and evaluate the right controls? 

Join us for a dynamic discussion where we review the most important elements for creating an enhanced due diligence process to ensure you have the insights needed to avoid potential financial and reputational harm due to third-party relationships.

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