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Tom Fox Releases The Compliance Handbook 2nd Edition

Tom Fox, the Compliance Evangelist, has announced the release of his Compliance Handbook, Second Edition

Tom is a compliance leader and his handbook is a must read for all ethics and compliance professionals.  The Second Edition provides practical and helpful solutions on important ethics and compliance issues.  It is comprehensive, accessible and a must-have for every ethics and compliance professional. 

Tom has teamed up with the top legal publisher, LexisNexis Legal & Professional, to provide a new series of compliance offerings. The Compliance Handbook 2nd edition, is designed to provide the seasoned compliance professionals, and those new to the profession, with practical, actionable guidance and tools needed to design, create, implement and continually enhance a best practices compliance program.

The Compliance Handbook 2nd edition is available in both print and eBook editions.  LexisNexis Legal & Professional is giving a discount of 25% for any presale purchase. Use the code FOX25 and go here.

Tom is highlighting the release of The Compliance Handbook 2nd edition a podcast series, entitled The Compliance Handbook, which will be released in video as well as audio format on YouTube or iTunes, the Compliance Podcast Network, the FCPA Compliance Report, JDSupra.

The Compliance Handbook 2nd edition provides an in-depth look at the latest thinking and trends for the full range of critical compliance topics, including:

  • Compliance and business ventures
  • Third party risk management
  • The Board’s Role in Compliance
  • Continuous improvement
  • Compliance innovation
  • And much more

The Compliance Handbook 2nd edition also takes a close look at the role of all professionals with compliance responsibility, from Compliance Officers and Boards of Directors, to Human Resources to Internal Audit and Internal Controls and Communications and Training professionals. Understanding compliance responsibility across the organization continues to be a key theme of both the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). With this 2nd edition, I expand on the concepts articulated in the original edition of operationalizing your compliance program.

The Compliance Handbook 2nd edition incorporates the most current government pronouncements governing best practices compliance programs including the 2019 Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs released by the DOJ Fraud Section and its 2020 Update; the updated FCPA Resource Guide 2nd edition; the Framework for OFAC Compliance Commitments; and the 2019 DOJ Antitrust Division’s Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs in Criminal Antitrust.

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