Episode 199 — Jonathan Marks, Baker Tilly, and Michael Volkov Review the SEC’s Under Armour Case, Accounting Fraud, and Revenue Recognition Issues

Under Armour settled its long-pending SEC investigation by agreeing to pay $9 million surrounding misleading statements and practices relating to its revenue growth and uncertainties as to future growth. As part of the settlement, the SEC declined to bring charges against its CEO, Kevin Plank, and its CFO, David Bergman. The Justice Department inquiry appears to have lost steam since the middle of last year, and DOJ likely declined prosecution.

Under Armour had been the subject of a long-running probe since 2019 when Under Armour disclosed the DOJ and SEC investigations into its accounting practices. The SEC’s case eventually focused on its revenue projections and accounting practices.

In this Episode, Jonathan Marks from Baker Tilly and Michael Volkov discuss the Under Armour case and financial accounting fraud.

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