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Diligent Sponsors Corruption Crime and Compliance

We are happy to announce that Diligent has agreed to sponsor Corruption, Crime & Compliance. We look forward to collaborating with Diligent and its incredible team of professionals and thought leaders.

For over twenty years, Diligent has helped boards and c-suites to design and implement effective governance practices through its market-leading board application.  Over the last few years, Diligent has expanded its available solutions to include risk, compliance and audit solutions.

Building on these new and exciting solutions, Diligent now offers a comprehensive complement of solutions that help companies connect boards, c-suite, risk, compliance and audit teams to promote purpose-driven leadership.

Diligent offers corporate boards its award-winning end-to-end board and leadership platform to enhance director and executive workflows and communication.

Building on this capability, Diligent provides a full suite of complementary services, including: (1) risk management; (2) ethics and compliance; (3) Environmental Social and Governance; and (4) proactive auditing strategies and practices.

Diligent solutions enable companies to implement robust corporate governance to mitigate and manage risk, create a culture of ethics and compliance, ensure that company controls are audit-ready, and implement tailored and responsive ESG solutions.

If interested in exploring Diligent’s unique complement of solutions, please reach out HERE

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