Episode 240 — The CCO’s Role in an Effective Compliance Program

I have been — and continue to be– hyper-focused on the proper role and responsibilities for Chief Compliance Officers. Not that I see any cause for alarm, but it is easy to lose focus in the sea of so-called hot issues — ESG, Diversity, Climate Change, Threats to Democracy, Cybersecurity and Data Privacy, each of which is an important component and focus for organizations. All of these issues intersect, are interdependent and should be addressed through organizational commitment.

But I want to take a step back and return to an issue of importance — the proper role of CCOs. To do so, we need to remind everyone about basic requirements, lessons learned and ways forward to meet the fast-changing times. CCOs have to maintain and then advance their positions. In my view, given the interdependence of all of the important issues mentioned above, the role of the CCO has become even more critical.

In this Episode, Michael Volkov reviews the standards applicable to the CCOs function in an effective compliance program. 

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