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New Podcast Episode 250 — Cybersecurity Risks for Financial Institutions Relying on the Cloud — An Interview of Carlo Massimo

The newest episode of the re-branded Corruption Crime & Compliance has dropped!!

The Episode can be accessed here.

Financial institutions are rapidly moving their operations to the cloud.  In response to this development, and the increasing risks of cyber breaches, legislators and regulators are gearing up to impose significant cybersecurity requirements.  

Carlo Massimo is a journalist who covers Cyber Security and International Tech Policy. Carlo was a former contributing editor at the Wilson Center’s Quarterly, writes Citizen Techs information week monthly policy column, and contributes to the Dark readings profile as a Features Writer. 

In this episode, Carlo talks about the implications of financial institutions moving to the cloud, and the response by lawmakers and regulators to this significant trend.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Carlos’s perspective on possible designation of financial institutions operating in the cloud as “critical infrastructure” 
  • Are global financial institutions ready for new cybersecurity regulations aimed at mitigating the risks of a data breach?
  • The perspective from both the United States and the European Union on this important issue.

Carlo’s article on Information Week: Legislators Gear Up to Regulate Cloud Resiliency 

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