Episode 254 — Update on Export Controls and Sanctions: Interview with Alex Cotoia

This week’s show discusses recent developments in the sphere of export controls and sanctions. Alexander Cotoia, Regulatory Compliance Manager at the Volkov Law Group, joins Michael Volkov to explore the the Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (“BIS”) ramping up of export control enforcement, including the new restrictions on China and Russia.

In early October, the BIS announced two rules imposing significant export controls on semiconductor chips transactions for supercomputer end uses. Its aim is to obstruct China’s ability to use these supercomputers to upgrade their military capabilities and the propagation of WMDs. Within these new rules, controls on the export of semiconductor manufacturing technology in certain transactions for integrated circuitry were also imposed.

Many professionals have become accustomed to the free-trade arrangement with China to export sophisticated technologies for integration end uses, and fear that the more stringent controls will compromise that arrangement.

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