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Michael Volkov and Susan Divers from LRN Featured on Podcast on How Corporate Boards Are Facing Today’s Global Issues

I was honored to join Susan Divers from LRN to discuss how corporate boards are facing today’s global, regulatory Issues.

The Podcast is available HERE.

Corporate boards are feeling more pressure than ever from a variety of stakeholders—government prosecutors and regulators, institutional investors, corporate activists, consumers, and others seeking responsible change in an ever-changing global economy. As the concept of both corporate and individual accountability continues to expand, how can boards adapt their approach to governance and oversight to meet these increasingly complex expectations? In this episode of LRN’s Principled Podcast, host Susan Divers is joined by Michael Volkov, the CEO of the Volkov Law Group. Listen in as they discuss the global challenges corporate boards are facing in 2023, and the steps they can take to meet regulatory pressures. 

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