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Episode 195 — Antitrust Compliance Programs

The Biden Administration is expected to increase antitrust enforcement against criminal cartels and bid-rigging conspiracies.  Global companies have to address this significant risk by implementing a compliance program that meets the Justice Department’s 2019 Guidance on Antirust Compliance Programs. In this Episode, Michael Volkov reviews the Antitrust Division’s Guidance and compliance program requirements.

Episode 111 — How to Design and Implement an Antitrust Compliance Program

In July 2019, the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division issued its Guidance for Evaluation of Compliance Programs.  Based on this comprehensive document, companies need to review and enhance their antitrust compliance programs to address risks of anti-competitive cartel activity, including price-fixing, bid-rigging, territorial and customer allocations. In this Episode, Mike Volkov reviews the elements of an antitrust compliance programs and provides practical advice for implementing an...