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DOJ’s Compliance Message: Implement Technology Solutions

DOJ’s revised Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Program Guidance (“DOJ Guidance”) is yet another reminder on how far compliance has evolved and the path forward.  Compliance programs have to incorporate real-time monitoring, rapid data analysis, emphasis on corporate culture and organizational justice build on employee engagement, prompt investigations and consistent discipline.  A compliance program is like a shark – it has to keep moving and evolving. ...

Episode 128 — Compliance Automation and Program Measurement and Evaluation

Companies are rapidly implementing automated solutions for compliance program functions.  Technology accelerates compliance program performance and creates opportunities to measure and evaluate a company’s compliance program. In this Episode, Michael Volkov discusses how to measure and evaluate a compliance program using data generated from automated platforms.

Get Compliance Straight – The Need to Automate

I am reluctant to start off the New Year with a negative comment or posting.  But I have a significant concern about the path and current state of ethics and compliance.  From my vantage point, I have always been inspired by the forward momentum of the compliance profession.  We have witnessed the unprecedented growth of the compliance profession – over the last twenty years, the...