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ComplianceNext — Michael Volkov Videos

ComplianceNext — Michael Volkov Videos

Over the last couple weeks, I was recently featured in two videos highlighting the importance of building ethical corporate cultures. You can find them published on this online compliance community called Compliance Next. Here are links to two videos I recorded on the importance of corporate culture:Part 1 — HerePart 2 — Here In these videos, I consider why people slow down at school crossings. Is it to...

Michael Volkov on FCPA Compliance Report Podcast and Compliance Next

Tom Fox recently posted a conversation on his blog, FCPA Compliance Report, reviewing FCPA enforcement practices and policies over the last five years, culminating in the FCPA Corporate Enforcement Policy. The podcast is available here. NAVEX Global’s compliance online community, Compliance Next, has posted a video I recorded on responding to potential misconduct.  The video is available here. Thanks for your continuing support!!

Compliance Next Announces Official Partnership with Volkov Law Group

Greetings, We’re proud to announce the Volkov Law Group is now an official partner of Compliance Next. Compliance Next is a community-driven network supporting compliance professionals at any stage of their careers with regulatory updates, legally approved policy templates, and how-to resources that drive program and career growth. If you haven’t already, become a member of this free community to access hundreds of valuable resources,...