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Episode 162 — Jessica Sanderson on How to Conduct a Remote Third Party Audit

Global companies have to conduct periodic audits of its high-risk third party partners.  With the continuing pandemic, such audits have to be conducted remotely.  As a result, companies face significant challenges in conducting these audits in these difficult times. In this Episode, Michael Volkov interviews Jessica Sanderson, Partner at The Volkov Law Group, on how to conduct a remote third party audit. LISTEN HERE

FCPA Compliance: Automate and Audit Third Parties (Part IV of V)

Third-party risk dominates the anti-corruption compliance landscape.  And for good reason – companies do not exercise significant control over their third parties, at least in comparison to company employees.  I know this is obvious but from a theoretical standpoint a company has greater legal authority over the conduct of its employees in contrast to its third parties. Relying on third parties is a two-edge sword. ...