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Happy Holidays from The Volkov Law Group

Happy Holidays to everyone!!  The Volkov Law Group wishes you and your loved ones a happy holiday season. Corruption, Crime & Compliance will return in the New Year — 2018!! Thank you to our clients, our subscribers and followers.  All the best.

Update on The Volkov Law Group

The Volkov Law Group continues to offer innovative legal services focused on ethics and compliance programs, enforcement defense, and internal investigations. See Firm website here. The Volkov Law Group team includes talented professionals: Lauren Connell, Managing Associate; Jacqui Martin (formerly Merrill), Senior Associate; Susan Simpson, Associate; Matt Stankiewicz, Associate; and Vincent Ruiz, Counsel. See Firm profiles here. The Volkov Law Group believes that every company...

Webinar: August 18, 2015: Effective Training Strategies for Ethics and Compliance Programs

Webinar: August 18, 2015 1 PM to 2 PM EST Sign Up Here Companies are spending more resources on ethics and compliance programs. Department of Justice and SEC prosecutors are increasing their focus on compliance training programs to make sure they are tailored to a company’s risk profile and the company’s workforce.   Compliance officers have to develop training content that is engaging and relevant to...