Losing Patience with Corruption

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3 Responses

  1. Dereje A says:

    It is a real concern. As an officer in the anti-corruption agency, I witnessed a lot of things. Governments have to be stop their reluctance, and show their concern by allocating sufficient budget, manpower and others to strengthen anti-corruption agencies.

    I visited certain public institution, where a lot of people go for various services. surprisingly their services qualities are deteriorating and the public have to wait for long hours to get them. In some instances the employees are reluctant to provide what is expected of them without some amount of bribe.

    It is surprising as it is only few years since these agencies are transformed to quality and efficient service providers with appropriate complaint hearing facilities through a BPR program conducted all over the country.

    Actually the anti-corruption commission recently arrested many officials and employees suspected of corruption and misconduct but there is no sign of improvement. that is why i say in the beginning that governments should show their real concern by strengthening the anti-corruption agencies so that they put in place effective prevention mechanism

    I Hope this observation of mine fits a lot of countries especially those in the Sub-Saharan Africa.

    The global economic crises demands a lot in terms of the wise use of resources. we see leaders giving their presidency to others better in terms of leading their country out of crises. It is a great measure. equally important is countering corruption and wise allocation of resources to the intended purpose.

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