Chief Compliance Officers and the Healthcare Industry

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  1. Wilma Acosta, RN, BS, CHC, CPHQ says:

    This has been very nicely and succinctly stated. To add to the above, a huge part of compliance is instilling, developing and monitoring the ethical behaviors of all key personnel, including legal counsel. If you report to legal, then the ability to address ethical vs legal becomes a challenge. Also, although rare, I have seen where legal has advised on how the law can make a situation work, but it was not in compliance with CMS and other regulatory or oversight agencies, aside from the fact that though it could be lawful, the particular situation would not have past the ethical scrutiny. Working side by side with mutual respect and appreciation for each others forte allows the CCO to be more effective. I know , I have worked in both environments in which I reported to Board and CEO and worked alongside legal, and where I reported through legal. and the first is more efficient, effective and compliant.