Getting Third-Party Agents Under "Control"

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  1. Ben Hogan says:

    Mike, thanks for discussing this important topic.

    KYP – Know Your Partners is all about understanding the risks associated with the relationships of employees.

    In financial services, there is KYC – Know Your Customers – banks are held responsible for the actions of their customers as they relate to services provided.

    In the same way, multinational corporations are held responsible for the actions of their agents, which is an enormous risk as the SEC and DoJ have become more aggressive with both FCPA and Cartel Prosecutions.

    With the new Whistleblower provisions, companies cannot afford to not have a proactive plan for understanding their partners.

    KYP is key for foreign supply chains, but it does not end with the supply chain. Companies need the ability to understand all company relationships and touch points – Press, Webmail, Government Agencies, Competitors, etc…

    You are familiar with Catelas, but it is worth mentioning to your readers — Catelas is the first solution to provide comprehensive analysis of relations across 100% of corporate communications – email, telephony, social media, instant messenger, etc…

    Catelas is powerful for reactive investigations and for proactive relationship surveillance and risk identification.