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3 Responses

  1. David Blanco says:

    Very much true and insightful comment. Sometimes we forget to look out with our customers’ eyes.

    In turn, it is interesting instead to see how pale and confused some of this lawyers & compliance officers are when requested to think with customer’s eyes (i.e. calculate market shares or turnovers for the sake of fine calculation simulation) They immediately turn the eye to the published figures of the agencies or cry for help to Finance & Accounting Depts or Market Intelligence ones.

    As a general rule, the first think I ask when delivering to an audience is to check their job scope, position, and/or country location so my presentation is not so distant from their reality.

  2. Anatoly Petrykin says:

    Sorry, but not clear enough, which button to push to subscribe?

    • Michael Volkov says:

      OOn the lower right hand side is a place to enter your email address and then a button which says “SUBMIT” above the entry it says “SUBSCRIBE NOW”