Imagine a “Mandatory” Disclosure Requirement: It’s Easy if You Try

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2 Responses

  1. Jon May says:


    If we wanted perfect security we could just opt for a police state. Maybe that IS what the public wants. Seems like we are sliding down that slope anyway. But first we have to build the infrastructure: real time surveillance everywhere.

    We seem to embark on all kinds of regulatory schemes without the kind of empirical evidence required in the scientific community. Crack cocaine; put everyone in prison forever. A few lenient judges; take away every judges’s discretion.

    So anyone who has a contract with the government must engage in costly compliance in order to prosecute or debar a few who commit fraud. But of course, this does not include those bad actors who are too big to debar.

    Is there something wrong with this picture of is it me. I am not a libertarian. I believe in strong regulation of food and drugs and the environment. But there seems to me to be a systemic lack of common sense going around.



  1. June 25, 2012

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