Keeping Compliance Simple

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4 Responses

  1. Charles L. Pourciau, Jr. says:



    I agree simplicity is the essence of good communication.  One way is to communicate the central theme in a compliance program with a simple phrase. In a program I set up the central theme was ask a question before doing something.  The simple phrase was "Ask Before You Act". It always amazed me how many people got the idea or if they asked a question the answer could always tie back to this phrase somehow.


  2. Jon May says:


    Here is a simple two step compiance program for you.

    First  Inform all your employees that they are required to follow the law and are expected to use common sense.

    Second. Offer $100k to any employee who reports unlawful conduct that is substantiated by the company.


  3. Sometimes it really helps to use simple, everyday, real-life examples that everybody can relate to.  This is from a talk I gave the other day, explaining Tom Tyler's research on how respectful treatment of employees enhances compliance: 

    "Respect, courtesy, trust, listening: it's how your spouse wants to be treated, minus the romance.  What's important here is that these courtesies and people skills demonstrably impact voluntary compliance in the workplace…just like they impact voluntary compliance by your spouse."

    I could see the light bulbs going on over people's heads. 

  4. shhhhh, Michael – you should not have let the cat out of the bag! Now we will have to justify this to all those people who try to make compliance a black box art form!