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Webinar: The 10 Essential Steps to an “Effective” Anti-Corruption Compliance Program

imagesApril 23 and 25, 12 Noon -1 PM EST

Register Here (April 23) or Here (April 25)

The Department of Justice’s and the SEC’s FCPA Guidance issued last November, 2012, outlined the hallmarks of an “effective” anti-corruption compliance program. In the FCPA Guidance, the Justice Department and the SEC suggested that an “effective” anti-corruption compliance program could protect a company from liability for an FCPA violation. Companies — big and small — need to review their anti-corruption compliance programs and make sure they have the necessary elements to meet the “effective” requirement.

Join Michael Volkov, CEO of the Volkov Law Group, as he outlines the ten specific steps to take to implement an “effective” anti-corruption compliance program.

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