Webinar Update: Past and Future

BuildHere is an update on past webinars and scheduled webinars.  I always post my webinars on my You Tube Channel Here

Building an Anti-Corruption Compliance Program, February 18, 2014, 12 Noon EST,  Sign Up Here

Companies face many risks in the anti-corruption enforcement arena. With the growing globalization of anti-corruption enforcement, companies are responding quickly by enhancing their anti-corruption compliance programs.

Companies need to develop practical strategies for enhancing their compliance programs. It is important to prioritize those projects and to develop effective enhancements.

Join Michael Volkov, CEO of The Volkov Group LLC, as he explains practical strategies to building effective anti-corruption compliance programs.interviews

Conducting Interviews in Internal Investigations,  February 13, 2014 12 Noon EST Sign Up Here

The ability to conduct an effective internal investigation is critical for every organization. The interviews of witnesses are the most important aspect of any internal investigation.

In response to interest in holding another webinar on this subject, I am pleased to announce another session of Conducting Interviews in Internal Investigations.

There is a “skill” to conducting an interview. For a company facing a government investigation, it is important to collect information as quickly as possible to determine how to respond to the government investigation and identify the significant risks to the company.

aksAnti-Kickback and Stark Law Enforcement and Compliance

You Tube Channel Replay Here

The Department of Justice and the Health and Human Services-Office of Inspector General have aggressively been enforcing anti-kickback (AKS) and Stark laws. DOJ and HHS-OIG have combined these prohibitions with The False Claims Act to extract significant penalties against healthcare companies.

China corruptionNavigating the Waters of Corruption Risks in China, The Network Webinar

Replay Here

China is a country with great economic opportunities but significant compliance risks. Did you know that Chinese anti-corruption enforcement against multi-national companies often focuses on improper payments and gifts to Chinese government officials? In the past year, Chinese authorities initiated aggressive corruption enforcement actions against multinational companies, increasing the risk to global companies operating in China. It’s essential that companies reinforce their ethics and anti-corruption compliance programs in China to minimize the risk of enforcement from China, the United States and other law enforcement authorities.

Join Michael Volkov, CEO of The Volkov Law Group, and Jimmy Lin, VP of Product Management and Corporate Development at The Network, for this complimentary webinar as they discuss current risks in China and offer practical solutions to complex issues in order to protect companies from enforcement actions for misconduct in China. Michael and Jimmy will look at how compliance practitioners must examine their anti-bribery policies, training, internal controls and third party risk programs to protect their organizations in high-risk geographies such as China. They will also discuss:

What You’ll Learn:

  • The importance of developing strong internal financial controls to prevent disbursement of funds in corrupt schemes
  • The difficulty of screening and monitoring potential third party agents and distributors needed in China
  • The need to carefully control the practice of gift-giving and entertaining Chinese officials from state-owned businesses

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