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Webinar: The Role of A Chief Compliance Officer: Navigating the Compliance Landscape

leveraging2Webinar: March 18, 2014, 12 Noon EST
The Role of the CCO: Navigating the Compliance Landscape
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Companies recognize the importance of maintaining effective compliance programs. With the increase in enforcement activity, companies have turned to their Chief Compliance Officers to design and implement effective compliance programs.

In many companies, CCOs have been empowered and provided independent authority to carry out this mission. The role of the CCO is fast becoming critical to a company’s overall business operations. CCOs have to learn how to navigate corporate internal processes and politics to secure the resources needed and to implement programs which are designed to detect and prevent legal violations.

Join Michael Volkov, CEO of The Volkov Law Group, as he discusses the role of the CCO and outlines strategies to assist CCOs in promoting compliance.

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