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Navex Global Webinar: Practical Strategies for Implementing Effective Due Diligence Systems

NavexWednesday, May 14, 2014


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Today, companies face unprecedented risk in retaining third-party agents and distributors.  To mitigate these risks and seek business growth opportunities, companies have to implement a due diligence program tailored to identified risk, using available resources.  Companies recognize that a technology-enabled due diligence program can increase effectiveness and drive down costs. This webinar offers a unique look at holistic solutions and best practices for managing third party risks.

Michael Volkov maintains a highly popular FCPA blog – Corruption, Crime & Compliance. He is a regular speaker at events around the globe, and is frequently cited in the media for his knowledge on criminal issues, enforcement matters, compliance and corporate governance. In February 2013, Michael Volkov created the Volkov Law Group, a firm specializing in compliance, internal investigations and white collar defense.

Bill Hauserman has spent over 10 years working with global companies designing and deploying ethics and compliance programs. As one of the early members of the management team at Integrity Interactive, Bill helped establish the standards for creating effective compliance programs that promote ethical corporate culture while meeting regulatory requirements. For several years Bill has been focused on the challenge of third-party business partner risks as regulations have made companies more responsible for their partners’ actions. Utilizing technology-driven third-party due diligence solutions, the enormous task of meeting regulatory expectations is now far more efficient and affordable. Bill works with NAVEX Global’s clients and prospects to create strategies for efficiently managing their entire third-party partner population while simultaneously meeting regulatory guidance to gain relief in the event of a compliance failure

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