Two New and Important Legal Blogs — Randall Eliason and Robert Connolly

It is important to acknowledge and respect your roots.  It is great to welcome new and important legal bloggers.  Starting out a blog for professionals is a challenging and fun process.

Two new entrants on the blogosphere are worthy of everyone’s attention.

bob2Sidebars: Randall Eliason has started a terrific blog on white collar crime and federal criminal law.  I have known Randy for over 25 years; we both served in the US Attorneys Office for the District of Columbia.  He is a professor at the George Washington University Law School.    His blog is fantastic and I urge everyone to subscribe. The blog site is available here.  Randy can be reached at

bobCartel Capers: Robert Connolly started (several months ago) a great blog on antitrust cartels, price fixing and territorial allocations.  Bob is a long-time antitrust prosecutor who is a member of a terrific firm, Geyer Gorey LLP (site available here), which consists of an impressive list of former DOJ Antitrust prosecutors.  The blog site is available here. Bob can be reached at

Please check out their respective sites — thanks

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