Two Webinars: Year in Review — FCPA Enforcement and AML/Sanctions Enforcement

FCPA Enforcement Year in Review 
Webinar: Tuesday, January 13, 2015, 12 Noon EST
AML/Sanctions Enforcement Year in Review
Federal prosecutors continued to aggressively enforce FCPA and AML/Sanctions in 2014.  
While FCPA enforcement did not resolve some of the more significant ongoing investigations (e.g. Alstom, Wal-Mart), DOJ and the SEC continued to focus enforcement on individuals and reached several significant settlements against companies.  The next year is expected to be a record-setting year in FCPA enforcement as several major investigations are expected to come to a close.
Meanwhile, DOJ and OFAC prosecutors completed a record-setting year in the enforcement of AML and Sanctions laws and regulations. AML/Sanctions enforcement has stretched far beyond financial institutions to include non-financial companies who may be involved in illegal money laundering and sanctions violations.2015
Join Michael Volkov, CEO of The Volkov Law Group, for two separate webinars, on January 6 and January 13, 2015, as he reviews 2014 enforcement of the FCPA and AML/Sanctions, and outlines trends for 2015.

The webinars will be recorded and uploaded to Michael Volkov’s You Tube Channel — HERE

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